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Row, Row, Row, Happy Birthday Monroe!

I have mama Natalia to credit for my current "virtual party planning" model. When she reached out about helping plan her son's first birthday from afar (she is in Nashville), I asked her to give me a few days to think about it. And from those few days of thinking, the party plan PDF was born! Natalia was delightful to work with, and made my first long-distance party so easy and fun every step of the way.

It also didn't hurt that she chose the sweetest theme: "Row, Row, Row, Happy Birthday Monroe!" Natalia painted the sweetest picture of Monroe in a little rowboat for the invitation, and it set the stage for the whole party. Inside the invitation envelope, we included an insert with instructions on how to fold a paper boat, along with a piece of paper in the blue ticking stripe pattern that we would use throughout the party. I must say, I got my fair share of practice in folding paper boats when working on this party. I found it it very therapeutic, and may have found a new hobby if party planning doesn't work out ;)

Another favorite element of this party were the tiny boats. I had way too much fun painting, staining, and monogramming miniature wooden boats to use as cake toppers and tabletop decor.

Did you know there is a nautical flag alphabet? You learn a lot when planning parties, and when I found out this existed, I knew we had to spell the birthday boy's name. And when I couldn't find pretty watercolor images, I bought a paint set from Amazon and made my own!

This will always go down as one of my favorite parties, and I'm so grateful to have been a part of such a special day for the Davidson family.

Photography: Krista Johnson Photography

Balloons: The Rock Paper Scissors

Florals: Mint Tulip Nashville

Cake: My Sweet Dessert

Outfit: Jetson Cubbington, Stitching Fairy Tales

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1 Comment

Jun 02, 2023

Hi! Where did you find those cute oar stirrers? Beautiful party!

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