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Puppy Party

Since the day he was born, our son Weston has always reminded us of a puppy- from his happy demeanor to the way he is constantly begging for food. When I started to plan his first birthday party, I knew that this theme would be the perfect way to honor and celebrate our own little puppy!

Weston's birthday fell on the weekend when most of the country started to shut down because of Coronavirus. We went back and forth on whether or not to have the party, and ultimately decided to have just family. While I was a little disappointed that a lot of our friends couldn't come, there was something about a smaller crowd that felt more purposeful and special, and it actually ended up being one of my favorite parties.

My brother-in-law made this dog house cut-out for us. Check out his work at @CahabaCuts on Instagram!

My first cookie order from @SarahBakesCookies, and it would not be the last. Everything she does is exquisite (not to mention delicious!).

Birthday parties in the time of covid:

I had planned an obstacle course for the kids as a play on the Westminster (or "Weston") Dog show. Of course it didn't get a lot of use at the party because there weren't many kids, but it provided some fun entertainment during quarantine over the next few weeks!


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