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ABC Scripture Keychains

Bible Clubs have been active in my area for the past several decades, and I have been so excited to start one with my daughter's grade this year. We have had the best time and learned so much, and seeing the lightbulbs go off in these little hearts and minds every week is what makes the 7am school mornings worth it ;)

At the beginning of the school year, the organizers gave us a list of "ABC Scripture" cards for the kids to memorize. These women are brilliant, because they know how much kids love backpack keychains! I simply put my design spin on these cards and added a cute background. I've also created a boy version with a camo pattern on the back (all linked below).

I printed these on cardstock with the scriptures on front and the floral pattern on back. I laminated each full sheet using my laminator at home, and then cut into cards and punched holes. I had some help, and I would definitely suggest recruiting someone to help you as well, because these can be a little time consuming if you're making a lot. You can also send to a UPS or FedEx office store for printing and laminating. I purchased the heart keychain clips on Amazon.

I started the year by giving one card to the girls every week, but that got difficult as we were always scrambling to get every girl caught up if they were missing a letter. So I'm going to give the rest of the alphabet all at once this week! Some Bible Clubs will give a new card to each girl only after they have memorized the previous verses, which I think is a great idea if you have more time.

These really are so helpful for the girls to read as they are waiting during carpool, on the bus, etc. I hope you find them useful as well!

Girl ABC Scripture Cards
Download PDF • 2.95MB

Boy ABC Scripture Cards
Download PDF • 3.96MB


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