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Peter Rabbit First Birthday

You may remember the virtual party invite that we delivered to family and friends for this Peter Rabbit-inspired first birthday party. Even though loved ones couldn't attend because of Covid restrictions, mama Chapple was set on still making this day special and beautiful. And I was thrilled to help!

This was in April 2020, so we didn't feel comfortable with me helping to set up inside the house. So I set up some things at my house and took pictures so Chapple would be able to recreate the look herself. Then I dropped everything off on her front porch and let her work her magic. She did an incredible job and I'm still blown away at how beautifully she brought everything together. I love all of the pictures from the day, but if you scroll to the end of this post you'll see my favorites. Parties in 2020 summed up in a few pictures ;)


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