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My Favorite Party Items from Dollar Tree

When hosting a party, it often pays off to spend a little more. But there are some instances when it just makes sense to go to the Dollar Tree. Going to any bargain store is like a treasure hunt, and the creative challenge is so fun for me. I thought it may be helpful to share some of my favorite finds with you!

I've tried to link these items online, but know that you'll have to buy in bulk if you want to buy through the website.

I have searched the world over for the perfect shade of blue paper plates. And wouldn't you know... they were at the Dollar Tree the whole time! Your search is over too, friends. They also have sweet shades of yellow and pink, and I use these in some way for almost every party. Stock up and keep your party closet full of these!

2) Vases I first bought these for a bouquet bar for my sister's lingerie shower a few years ago. But there are so many other occasions and uses for these vases, and they come in multiple shapes and sizes.

These are great for little girl parties. They look real (they're tin), and I've actually seen these in antique malls marked up for a lot more than $1 ;) These were hard to find in stores a few months ago so I did buy these in bulk online. But I've recently started seeing them in stores again!

The Dollar Tree has a great selection of cups, trays, and to-go containers that I use all the time-- especially to help keep our food handling to a minimum during Covid.

5) Themed party favors and activities

Whether it's a dino party, bug party, or nail party, there is almost always something from the Dollar Tree that can go along with your theme. Sometimes I like to just roam the store with a theme in mind and see what inspires me. The possibilities truly are endless if you think outside of the box!

I hope this encourages you to go on your own treasure hunt soon. You never know what you'll find (and save)!


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