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Avery's Cafe: A Baking Birthday Party

One of Avery's favorite things to do is help her mama in the kitchen. She also loves the show "Butterbean's Cafe." So when it came time to plan her 5th birthday party, the theme decision was a piece of cake!

We knew that the girls would want to actually mix, pour, and crack an egg. So I created a simple recipe card that the girls could follow and feel like they were really baking.

After they were done mixing, mama Alison had some cupcakes already baked and ready to decorate. So no eggshells were consumed at this party ;)

After the girls were finished decorating, we sent them to play outside in their own bakery. While they were playing, we wrapped their cupcakes to take home (each girl decorated two cupcakes- one to eat at the party, and one to take home as a favor).

All of the girls had a great time, but seeing the birthday girl having fun in her element was the cherry on top of a sugary sweet day.

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1 Comment

Mar 18, 2021

Where are the cute mixing bowls from? Love them!

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